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you're not going to stop criminals -- >> the argument has been very voer sirrous between those who want to stop the selling of these weapons and those who have been affected by the murders. something has to change to stop the slaughter of innocent americans. enough surely is enough. we'll be down in the special guns in america with a heart wrenching interview of jesse lewis. we'll have much more in a powerful and deeply emotional interview. i commend you to watch it. the man has dignity and grace. that's all for us tonight.
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piers, thanks very much. we are once again in the old town hall in newtown connecticut. it's become for all the wrong reasons, main street usa. that may change. plenty of news on that subject tonight with president obama laying out a plan of action today and the nra planning to speak on that later this week. for now, though, fell of this town are focusing on the moment. they're not even focusing on the day but minute by minute. they are tending to the sadly duty they have to bury the dead and to remember and to honor. daniel barden was always smiling and had two front teeth missing. which his parents say he earned
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in his fearless pursuit of fun and happiness. his dad was a musician and he followed his lead by playing the drums. his family described him as a thoughtful and affectionate boy. whenever he noticed kids sitting alone in the runch room at school, he would join them. in an interview, his dad remembers teaching him to play "jingle bells" on the way to school. >> we held hands on the way to the bus. and that was our last morning together. he did get up early that morning and ran down the driveway so he could kiss his brother good-bye in his pajamas. it was 22 degrees. he was exceptional. >> in his obituary, his family says daniel was a constant source of laughter and joy.
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he embodied everything that was wholesome and innocent in the world. charlotte bacon was six years old. she had a big personality. her family says she was anything but shy. instead she was smart, precocious, outgoing. she loved to talk, she could carry on long conversations with just about anyone, kids, adults it didn't matter. she never met an animal she didn't love, and talked of becoming a veterinarian since she was two years old. she was gifted and loved going to school to learn. she also loved her weekly t tae kwon do classes. on friday morning she wanted to wear her new pink dress to school, pink was her favorite color. charlotte's grandmother describes that morning. >> she loved dresses and she insisted on wearing the dress. my daughter said okay. she got her dress on. she had red natural curly hair.
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my daughter braided it for her and she wore white boots and my daughter said she looked adorable mom. she said i look back and i think of charlotte dressed like that and she was getting ready to go see jesus in her new dress. >> her family writes, the family will forever remember her beautiful smile, her energy for life. charlotte has left a place in her entire extended family's hearts that will never be replaced. with her big brown eyes, caroline previdi was once nicknamed boo due to her resemblance to the character in the movie "monsters, inc." she was in the first grade and neighbors remember her sitting on the school bus sitting next to a boy for the first time and wanted to make sure that he wasn't scared.
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her family says her smile brought happiness to everyone she touched. for vicky soto teaching was a passion and a life long dream she was 27 years old. five years ago she began teaching first grade at sandy hook elementary, and she loved every minute of it. her mom says vicky loved her students more than life. always referring to them as her kids instead of her students. she wanted to be known as a good teacher but as a fun teacher. her students loved her. many said she was their favorite teacher. on friday, vicky died a hero. after hearing gunshots she herded her kids into the closet and shielded them from the gunman. >> she talked about them with such fondness and caring and i have no doubt in my mind she did everything she could to protect everyone of them. >> she was passionate about her family and was known as queen victoria as home. the ring leader who organized christmas every year. her family said she loved the
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beach, loved flamingos and the new york yankees. in her obituary they write she was an amazing daughter, cousin, teacher and friend, and died protecting her kids. we couldn't be prouder of our hero. her dog roxy waits every day for her to come home from school. we will remember them. paul simon performed at her funeral and sang the song, "the sound of silence." we wanted to show the pictures of daniel who wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up. to honor him, more than 100 of connecticut's bravest showed up. they said, people supported us after 9/11, we are here to return the favor. we are here to return the favor. we saw a photograph the class photo of lauren russeau's first
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graders who were killed on friday. we're blurring the one survivor's face. this was grace mcdonald's class. she and 14 other kids, even as a little girl she knew she wanted to become a teacher. on friday, she was exactly where she wanted to be, filling in for a teacher on maternity leave. the shooting ended what was the best year of her life. >> it says me, since i've been with you. thanks for rubbing off on me. >> reporter: 30 and in love. tony and lauren. do you remember the moment you realized you were in love with her? >> yes, the first date, i had with her i knew. >> reporter: at a wine bar where they shared their first kiss. lauren called him lovy, he called her busy bee. one of those people without a mean bone in her body.
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>> she liked to send him cards like this one. >> this card made me giggle and think of you very appropriate just bananas. >> these photographs taken two months before she died taken at a friend's wedding. >> this was a first one where i don't have a funny face. >> they celebrated one year of dating in november. >> i'm glad that i had a good relationship for a year instead of a relationship that had fights for years. >> the some month that she became a permanent substitute teacher at sandy hook elementary. >> she was thrilled and she loved to tell me what she was doing that week. she would send a text, we're doing this, we're doing that. and send tons of pictures of what they created that day. >> they were planning to see the hobbit on friday night. the last text tony got from
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lauren was at 8:58 a.m. >> it doesn't seem real or permanent. >> reporter: do you think you might see her again in >> i'm convinced that i'll see her again. i have a little squish pillow a little pillow for your head that she had that smells like her, it smells like her perfumes and stuff. 3467 and it still does? >> and when i wake up i can smell my girlfriend's perfume and it makes me cry. >> the love of her life is how it describes tony. >> i only get one year with her. >> it is kind of bad to say, but i'm jealous of her friends that got more than one year. all i got was one. but it was a really good year. >> you hugged president obama when he was here sunday night. >> yeah, but i want a hug from lauren and i'm not going to get that.
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>> reporter: it's this song they both loved and this song that will always remind tony of his lauren. ♪ i love the way you say good morning ♪ >> i want the world to know that she was a great person and touched the lives of everyone she ever met even if you met her once you liked her. she was a great person and she didn't deserve this. no one deserved this. >> so hard to imagine. poppy harlow joins us. you said that lauren had already given tony some christmas presents? >> a prepared teacher, right? she had already wrapped up gifts and given them to him. i asked him, did you open them? he said, i can't and i won't. when i open them, it's over. you get the sense from him he feels like she is going to come back. they were that connected. >> and she worked multiple jobs. >> he called her busy bee. teacher. he said she worked so hard.
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substitute teacher, worked at a catering company and worked at a local starbuck's 20 hours a week. i went there and some were wearing buttons that said 12/14/12 heart lauren. and they had a table for people to write their thoughts to her. i want to tell you, anderson, that tony asked us to thank you. he said, what i appreciate so much is that he's not talking about the shooter, that he's talking about us and the people we loved. and tomorrow the love of his life lauren will be buried here. >> thanks very much, appreciate that. about a 20 minute drive from here in danbury, people have gathered for a tribute to newtown, gary tuchman is there. he joins us now. gary? >> reporter: anderson, a very emotional evening right now. this is a painful story for all of us all over the world and it is acute here in the state of connecticut. and right now in danbury, connecticut, about 15 miles away
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from newtown, a tribute to newtown, the families, the survivors, music and prayer. a short time ago a video tribute to the 20 children who died and it was so hard to watch, it was so emotional, beautiful music playing, while everyone in this room, hundreds of people throughout the state of connecticut experiencing it. one thing, anderson, i know it is the same with you, we have covered so many tragedies, what is amazing here, we have made so many friends, i'm grateful, but sorry for how we have made these friends. that is what is happening right now. people are getting together -- there's no such thing as closure. there will be suffering, particularly in these families who lost loved ones, the more people stay together, get together, become friendly together, the easier that recovery will be for them. the recovery, of course, is never complete for so many people. anderson?
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>> gary, thanks, we have a lot more ahead, including a conversation with a sandy hook parent. and new polling suggesting public opinion might be shifting. that is next from newtown. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve.
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this office to help advance efforts aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. we won't prevent them all, but that can't be an excuse not to try. >> president obama this afternoon pledging to make gun control a central issue in the weeks ahead, naming vice president biden to lead the effort to propose the legislation by next month. new polling shows 52% now in favor of major gun restrictions. that's up five points since august. breaking it down, 37% favor major restrictions. 15% want to make all guns illegal. 33% support minor restrictions and 33% want no restrictions at all. change notwithstanding, that's still evenly divided, which may explain why some democrats and republicans are advocating army teachers. so far the nra has been c
7:18 pm
conspicuously absent from the debate. they are expected to make a statement on friday. with me now is a sandy hook third grader, crossed paths with the killer before someone pulled him to safety. and also lillian bittman, former chairman of newtown's board of education. appreciate you being with us. we talked about something having to come out of this. for you, that means some sort of regulation. >> definitely so. i think the entire country is fed up with where we are now. i think majority of the country up to now, like i was three days ago. you know how heavy it hit everybody, how shaken up my friends are in other states of this great nation. and in other countries of the world. i'm getting phone calls from all over the world, you know, people
7:19 pm
cannot believe what is happening here. and people in like, i was in virginia i went to d.c. to see, our senators on capitol hill. >> you already did that? you already went down? >> yes, yes, i returned this morning. >> do you feel that there is a possibility for change? >> definitely. we met with senior aids to president of the united states. valerie jarret and she told us this is a personal priority for our president. he is making a personal commitment to advance this cause to make our schools safe to make our public safe. this should not be a partisan issue, this should be an issue for the entire nation. we should join the ranks and create policies that are balanced.
7:20 pm
>> lillian for you, you want to have a civil discussion about this. >> very much so. >> you want something to come out of this? >> absolutely. i'm not the only one. all of the funerals and wakes i've attended they have to have it be changed now. there is a group now that has formed in newtown, my husband and i are a part of called newtown united. i very much tonight would like to ask the nation to join us. we are not looking -- like he said, we're not looking to ban guns, what we're looking for is a civil discussion on gun control, mental health and school safety and school facilities, so that we as a nation can work together very, very civilly to come up with a solution. what andre said, that it's not partisan, is exactly how we feel. what i would like is all the people around the country that are contacting me, my friends across the country, andre's
7:21 pm
friends across the country. all my other friends across the country to join us. if they want to do that, we have a facebook page newtown united, they should jump on that and join us, we can create a critical mass to show washington that we're serious about this. ween watt them to work together. >> you were saying today, you have been going to wakes and funerals all day long. >> yes, all day. >> all day long? >> my husband coined a term which is awful, an assembly line of wakes and funerals. we can't figure out which one to go to, there are so many, that we have to divide and concur. the teachers, the sandy hook teachers are really struggling trying to get to as many as possible. and that is true for many of the parents we are struggling with that. >> you are often waiting two hours to get into pay your respects. two to five hours it is freezing cold and yesterday that is raining. that is a wonderful thing because so many people are
7:22 pm
coming out to support the families. and then part of the reason you're waiting too is our town is gridlocked with traffic from people from out of town from the media, we have to plan to leave our houses sometimes an hour before we even want to be there, then you want to be at the funeral an hour before hand. we can think of nothing else but funerals and wakes and maybe taking a meal to somebody. >> andre, how is your son doing he was there? >> it is difficult to talk about that. he is a little guy. he keeps a lot within himself. you see some signs, like something wants to come out, but bits and pieces. it is really too early to tell how it has affected him. my older kids 13 and 14-year-olds are profoundly affected. because they understand the death the enormity of the tragedy.
7:23 pm
those kids, those little kids that they babysat. you know, they are like little kids, little friends that are not there anymore. >> can change happen? do you you believe that? >> i believe this time it can. based on what i am seeing across the country. i'd like to say to the nation. because i know i said before. let's lead with love. but also a child shall lead them. that is what we have here. we have 20 children that are trying to lead the way. if we don't follow their lead, we have failed them and their deaths are in vain. and i can't stand that. and all the people at the funerals and wakes that i have been to. their deaths have to have meant something. a little child will lead us. >> thank you very much. >> we should join as a nation. we should be better than this. >> yes, yes. >> thank you very much. appreciate it.
7:24 pm
last night the uncle of the 6-year-old boy noah pozner are told us there were scams set up in noah's name to profit off this tragedy. today we tracked down the source of one of these scams. we'll show you what he found out next. ♪ [ bells dinging ] ♪ hark how the bells, sweet silver bells ♪ ♪ all seem to say throw care away ♪ ♪ from everywhere, filling the air ♪ [ female announcer ] chex party mix. easy 15-minute homemade recipes you just pop in a microwave. like caramel chocolate drizzles. happier holidays. chex party mix. you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something.
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there have been, of course -- you're looking at a picture of the memorial, one of many in this town. there have been websites, memorial funds set up for the victims. last night we learned something that is stomach turning, some people -- strangers of the victim's families are trying to capitalize on this tragedy. the uncle of noah pozner said
7:29 pm
they were asking for donations in noah's name. they didn't know them or where the money was going to go. cnn's drew griffin looked into an e-mail that was circulating, what did you find? >> reporter: that e-mail we tracked down to a woman in the bronx. her name is noelle alba, also collecting donations for hurricane sandy victims. that, of course, raised our suspicions, so investigative producer david fitzpatrick got a camera, we went to the house this afternoon where the donations are supposedly being directed to. at first there was no answer and then a half hour later a surprise exchange with noelle alba when she answered the door. >> oh hi, are you miss alba. you set up donations on behalf of one of the victims on the newtown tragedy. >> no. >> no?
7:30 pm
>> you have your name and address on the e-mail. can i come in with my camera crew? >> no. >> she allowed us into record her voice already. she is in a crafting community and makes victorian picture frames. and blames in a e-mail on enemies within the crafting community. we're giving you this detail so you can decide what kind of e-mail was sent out here. despite evidence to the contrary she said she has nothing to do with it. this has your e-mail on it. this is about noah pozner's funeral. >> i never sent that. >> take a look at it, it has your e-mail all over it. it has your paypal account. bank routing number that you say you sent out. >> that is not my paypal account. >> but that's your -- is that
7:31 pm
your e-mail? . it says it right there. >> yeah, that is one of my gmails. but i never set up any funds for anybody. >> you should know that the family tells us they are upset by this. >> but i never did anything to them. >> who sent this e-mail out? >> i never sent this e-mail out. iri don't have any reason to send any e-mail out. >> all very fishy anderson. the bottom line we couldn't find out if the woman's claims are true. if it was set up by her enemies. she claims she did get $300 in donations, that she says she immediately returned. a clear example of how quickly the e-mails pop up after a tragedy. we did the story after hurricane sandy. some of the websites were set up before the storm hit. the bottom line, have you to know where the money's going, don't believe anything that's in
7:32 pm
an e-mail. we've exposed this woman herself, now admitting it's not a good charitable avenue to give, so don't. >> this is so sickening so i think it is important to name her again, noelle alba is her name? >> that is her name. and her story is, her enemies within the crafting community sent out -- >> that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. that she has enemies in the crafting community and they have set up a paypal account about hurricane sandy and this beautiful little boy. i mean, that's just ridiculous. >> yeah, it is very troubling. as i said now, we've exposed this woman, this e-mail is obviously a hoax. don't do it. but be aware. it is sad to say, there are 20 kids out there. 20 names of kids people will
7:33 pm
take advantage of this in anyway they can, i hate to say it, but they will. >> well, you know, we should get from as many of the families as want the information out, legitimate memorial funds and sites and put them on our website. and we're going to do that starting tomorrow. noah's uncle is with me right now. you have set up a site correct? >> that is correct. well, somebody had set up the domain name, we challenged that with go daddy. >> someone after the tragedy bought the domain name? >> that's correct. luckily we have a lot of friends in the online community and it was caught right away. so we challenged it, and we have the website now, and that's the official website now. and the person, i don't know what their intentions were, but i think that's suspicious by itself. >> so is now a
7:34 pm
website -- >> that's the official website. and we also bought all the related domain names. >> it's incredible you have to do this. >> that's exactly right, instead of doing things with our family, i'm running around trying to protect the family. i mean, i look at my nieces and i think of these scammers and i think they are stealing from them. their survivors of this tragedy. >> i mean, it's infuriating. >> it is infuriating. so i -- i'm going to do everything i can to protect them and get the word out. and today i did -- as to this miss alba, i did contact the fbi and they're looking into it. they were interested in the information that we provided. >> hopefully they can look into her finances. we didn't have the capabilities of looking into her bank records, that should be easy to track down. >> that's correct. >> where can people go to help?
7:35 pm
>> you know what, we heard and they are legitimate. are there other places? >> you know, one stop shop. go to, go to impactyourworld. we have some of the websites set up for these children, for funds for the families, also for the school district. quite frankly there's a lot of things people can do for this community that don't involve money. you can get all of that information at impactyourworld at cnn. those are some of the vetted sites. and we'll keep adding on as we get the information from the families themselves. >> okay. we'll want to verify that. we will try to reach out. if the families are listening we want to get that information out there, please let us know. i wish you the best. i'm sorry that you have to deal with this kind of stuff. i hope it helps. >> thank you much i appreciate
7:36 pm
it. >> we'll continue to stay on this, and on this woman as well. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> coming up next. the latest on the investigation including reports on what we know about the investigation. debra fairic has that, she'll join us ahead. ♪ a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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in the evening when you go home, you deal with it. you talk to your family and collect your thoughts and try to cry. that's what we do. >> the president of connecticut's funeral director's association reflecting on the enormity of this tragedy. for so many, today was a day to say good-bye. police are trying to figure out what happened here. authorities have not been able to recover clues recovered from the computer apparently smashed by the shooter before the rampage. debra feyerick is with us.
7:41 pm
one of the questions that is still unanswered is why this person chose the school? we are learning now of the connection. >> the connection is that he actually went there. he went to sandy hook elementary school. he was in the first, the third the fourth and also the fifth grade. he was six years old when his family moved into this house back in 1998. six years old, the same age as some of these children he cut down in cold blood. we have seen a photo of a t-shirt that the classmates signed his name on the t-shirt and a former classmate said that she used to ride the bus with him to sandy hook elementary school. and the school bus today stopped no more than 50 feet from his home. children, first graders who live in this area, they were getting on to that bus. and there are other students who will never get on that bus. that is the connection. we have confirmed that he in fact attended numerous grades.
7:42 pm
so even though officials say he had no recent connection, he had a connection to that school. >> there were reports that the shooter was home alone in the days leading up to friday. what do you know about that? >> yeah, well, that's exactly right, anderson, the mother actually left the gunman alone in the home for several days prior to the massacre. our colleague has confirmed that the mother traveled to new ham shire staying in a resort. she left here early tuesday, she returned after dark on thursday. the next morning her son entered her room and shot her four times in the head. she was his first victim before he drove off to go to that school. it is unclear whether this 20-year-old who had as bergers, whether he was alone for three days or someone was coming in and checking on him.
7:43 pm
friends said she would leave him alone. but if there was a problem she would cancel the plans and stay with him. so what we do know is there was time when he was alone in the home with those firearms, anderson. >> deb remark appreciate the update on that. people across the country, around the world are paying tribute to the people and the victims of new town. this video coming in from california, we have more tributes coming up. ♪ i have a cold, and i took nyquil,
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if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. trying to find a better job can likbe, so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum, so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. we will of course be bringing you more moments from here in newtown. but first i want to talk about something that's happened oversears and a reminder about
7:47 pm
the brutality of the syrian regime, and a reality that it is hitting close to home for all of us here at 360. for more than a year now we have been getting regular updates from inside syria from a brave man that told me that since the beginning of his revolution, since he gandy manneding freedom for his voice, that he can hear his voice for the first time. we are getting word from his family this week that he has been detained with his brother and are holding them in a location called building 215 it's an infamous facility used for torture and abuse. you see him standing on the right side of this photo. he is a medical student. the relatives say that time is of the essence to free them. theyen watt us to tell this story tonight in the hopes that
7:48 pm
someone inside syria, someone inside the regime will listen. the family posted a facebook page demanding the brothers release, in declaring the assad regime responsible for their well being. as i said, he came on this program more than a dozen times, updating us on what is happening inside syria, what he was seeing with his own eyes. he knew he was putting his life at risk. i spoke to him repeatedly about this. and i spoke to him less that two weeks ago about intelligence reports suggesting the syrian military was preparing to launch chemical weapons. it was his last interview before the secret police took him away. here's what he said. what are you happening for now, is there hope? >> well, for me, i mean personally, for the majority of the people nobody has any hope in anything. it will continue because this is happening for sure. i mean we will win in the end
7:49 pm
and we are sure that the international community will not do anything at home. nobody cares about it. we are not scared of him at least. i'm not scared of the chemical weapon, does it make a difference to die with a bullet of a chemical weapon? which death is more painful? >> did you ever think it would get to this point? how do you get through each day? because as you say, the world has watched his happen. and we watch it happen every night. >> well, anderson, it is simply stated like this. when the syrian people stop the revolution, theyen watt freedom, justice for all. democracy. we expect -- we know this regime is brutal. we expected brutality but not this much.
7:50 pm
at least for myself, no, i did not expect this. is it worth it? yes, thank god we had this revolution. i don't know how we lived with the regime. thank god we have the solution and we are lives our lives are ruined but thank god we have the solution and thank god we will win the battle on our own without anybody's help. enough. enough. even if it takes another 100,000 people. enough. this is not a regime, this is anything you can, i don't know what you call it. killing. killing killing shelling shelling mortars helicopters rockets, against what? civilians? enough. >> zaidoun thank you very much for talking. >> thank you anderson.
7:51 pm
>> enough he said. he wasn't fighting with weapons, he was fighting with his voice, and he was aware of the risk he took speaking with us, every time, and we knew the risks of him speaking as well. it's understandable for anyone who puts themselves in that much danger to ask us to hide their identification. but he did not. in fact, he insisted that we use his name. he felt free because he was speaking out for the first time in his life. 38 years old for the first time in his life, he was able to use his name and voice his opinion in a regime that has never allowed that. we only interviewed him over the phone even though he offered to come on camera. he wanted to show his face, we wouldn't do that. even though he didn't have to, he asked us to use his full name, demanded we use it in fact. i asked him about that decision during our first interview all the way back in november 2011. you're being extraordinarily brave. you're using your full name, asking us to use your full name,
7:52 pm
telling us where you are. i know you've been interrogated by syrian security forces. why are you still willing to speak out and use your name? >> because it's enough. people are dying over there for just saying freedom. i'm telling the regime it's enough. don't think people will go back to their homes. after eight months, you still believe a lie, that you can control and overcome -- it's impossible. you can just do one thing now. save more lives, please, stop the killing. when i challenge, i want freedom. i can hear my voice for the first time in my life. now, how can i give up this even if it costs me my life. >> he said he could hear his voice for the first time in his life. imagine that. the manning is a hero to me and many of us on this program. our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. according to his relatives, his
7:53 pm
mother and sister, two daughters and wife are all in syria right now. we worry about them every moment of every day. there are other stories we're following tonight. susan hendricks is here with a 360 news bulletin. >> the deadly consulate attack in benghazi libya. two of the resignations came from officials responsible for security decisions at the con sue late. with time running out to strike a deal on the fiscal cliff, president obama today accused republicans of focusing on besting him personally. later, house speaker john boehner accused the wous of failing to offer a deal, balancing tax hikes and spending cuts. and president obama is "time" magazine's person of the year. "time" credits him for turning weakness into opportunity during the election.
7:54 pm
tim cook, apple's new ceo. anderson, back to you. >> thanks. we'll be back with some incredibly generous children raising their voices to honor the fallen students of sandy hook elementary. begin.
7:55 pm
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the people of newtown connecticut are not alone in their grief, all around the country and around the world frankly, people are coming together, sending their support, supporting families anyway they
7:58 pm
can. here are is a tribute from ps-22 in staten island. they have been through a lot but they had room to reach out to others. listth to their renn dags of sandy hook elementary's song. >> somebody suggested on our facebook page yesterday that we sing their school song. are you guys okay with that? >> yeah. >> you sure? >> yes. >> anybody not okay with this? no. >> all right cool. ♪ ♪ three cheers for the green and the white ♪ ♪ sandy hook school forever ♪ thank you ♪ sandy hook elementary ♪ a very special place to be >> they are going to be
7:59 pm
performing at president obama's inauguration as well the chorus of ps-22. we want to leave you this hour with more sights and sounds honoring sandy hook as we remember the victims forever in our hearts. ♪ >> a tribute to the schools. i have two kindergarteners in school now. there's just no words you can say for it. ♪ ♪ >> the outpouring of love in the community and world has been unbelievable. ♪ >> we need to find some way to come together around all victims of violence. ♪

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